Term 4 Newsletter

Hello everyone.

Term dates:

Term 4 is a short one for the Kapiti Music Centre.  Our 30 lessons are all completed for the year the week of Monday 20th – Thursday 23rd November.

Concert Day – Saturday 25th November.  See below for more details.

KMC Concerts

Some of our KMC students joined the Kapiti Youth Orchestra for a local concert on Sunday 10th September at the Raumati South Memorial Hall.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and we are all so very proud of our fabulous musicians that participated.  Photos of the concert and rehearsals can be seen on our Instagram and FB page.

I would like to thank Merrick Stein for conducting our musicians and getting us sounding great.  Also, a personal thank you to the KMC tutors that put in extra time and effort towards our talented kids and getting them ready for the day.

Also, if you were given a KMC t-shirt, can you please return it to your tutor if you haven’t already.  Many thanks.

Saturday 25th November – Open Day Concert

This is our big Concert Day at Te Raukura ki Kapiti where the students get to perform for all whanau.  Everyone is welcome so please spread the word amongst our community.  A big shout out to the Creative Community Scheme who generously granted the KMC funding towards this great event.

This is what we have been working towards all year.  Like the KMC slogan states – LEARN – PLAY – PERFORM.

This is a great opportunity to showcase our work we have achieved throughout the year and if someone you know is interested in learning, please see the timetable below and come and check us out.

The timetable is as follows:

Sir Jon Trimmer Room M1 Music class
10 am – Intro to Music 10.00am – Beginner guitars
10.30 am – Recorders 10.45 am – Intermediate guitars
11.30 am – Yemma’s keyboards 11.30 am – Third year guitars
12.30 pm – Jill’s keyboards 12.15 pm – Senior guitars
1.45 pm – Drums/Percussion 1.00 pm – Ensemble/violins
2.30 pm – First year ukuleles 2.00 pm – Saxophone/clarinets
3.00 pm – Second year ukuleles 2.45 pm – Cello’s
4.00 pm – Glee Club 3.30pm – Flutes
5.00 pm – KMC Band  


  • Please turn up at least 15 minutes before your time and someone will be there to guide you to the right space.
  • Your tutor will have more information if you require it so, please contact them directly.
  • Entrance is free but a koha towards the KMC would be very much appreciated.

Instrument Hire:

For those who hired an instrument for 2023, I will be at Te Raukura on Tuesday 28th November from 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm in the foyer.

For our records, please inform me if you have returned it to your tutor after the concert.

For those who are returning to KMC next year, we offer Summer Hire for those wishing to hold on to their instrument.  There is a charge of $40.00.

Please contact me if you are interested in Summer Hire.  admin@kapitimusiccentre.org.nz

Enrolment for 2024:

Please feel free to enrol for next year via our website.  It is recommend getting in early as classes get full very quickly.

You might like to consider lessons as part of a child’s Christmas gift.  Get the grandparents, aunties, uncles to chip in towards a thoughtful present.  No better gift than learning a musical instrument.


A tutor will be in touch mid-February with class times and more information.  We try to accommodate the requested day and time as best as possible but because we deal mostly with group lessons, this all depends on similar abilities which needs to be matched up.

First lessons begin week beginning 26th February 2024 at Te Raukura.

2024 Enrolment Days:

Saturday 10th February at Kapiti College 10.30 am – 12.00.

Monday 12th February at Kapiti College 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm.

Come along and meet the tutors and ask questions you might have about KMC.

Warm regards everyone and thank you for another successful and enjoyable year of music.  A big shout out to Sonia, Jason, Abby, and Tony Kane for supporting the KMC and many other people behind the scenes.  I can’t stress enough how fortunate we are to hold our lessons at Te Raukura Ki Kapiti.

Amanda Kemp