In this course the tutors will teach the students to learn to read notation, time signatures, key signatures and dymanics.  The students will learn to play by reading music and to play by ear.   Because the course is a group tuition, students will have the opportunity to listen to and play with each other eventually developing the skill to improvise along side another persons rhythm or lead.  They will also be encouraged to compose their own pieces of music.  To be able to do this we will learn scales and chords.  

This course is for children who are aged 8 and older.  No previous musical experience is needed.


Students will need to have their own keyboard to practise on at home.  The centre will provide keyboards and earphones at the lesson.

Please contact the tutor before purchasing a keyboard.

Required Material

  • A folder for music which will be provided by the tutor
  • Students will need to bring a pencil, rubber and a notebook
  • A music book to be advised by the tutor