Explore the beautiful tone qualities of the flute.

Playing the flute is hugely rewarding and you can soon be enjoying playing your first melodies.

The foundation is producing a pleasing tone. Flute lessons with Monica draw on her years of experience based on strong flute traditions emanating from Marcel Moyse and the french flute school.

Monica will give you plenty of guidance to get you started, and support you with the challenges of blowing your first notes and beyond. She teaches all ages from seven to seventy-seven with lessons adapted to the unique needs of every student.

“The quickest way to unlock your talent is to take the flute out of the box”, James Galway


The flute is a versatile instrument giving you the opportunity to play many styles. Start with simple improvising & melodies. More experienced players will move on to a choice of jazz classics, popular themes, classical & contemporary repertoire as well as technical study material.

Monica currently self-publishes original work and arrangements especially customised for her students.


Students are encouraged to play together in duos, groups and with other instruments. Past highlights at the KMC concerts have been “Scarborough Fair” for flutes & guitars, and most recently; “Winging It”, an original jazz for flutes, cello and percussion.

Many past and present students have also enjoyed the opportunity to play in the local Kapiti Youth Orchestra.


Students are encouraged to maintain daily practice routines so that they can gain maximum benefit from the flute lessons.

“My secret is practice”. David Beckham

“Musicians are always gigging and never have a chance to stop for a minute”. Keith Jarrett

Scarborough Fair for flutes & guitars at Kapiti Music Centre around the schools’ Concert 2018