The flute is a natural progression from the recorder.  While it can be a good idea to learn some recorder before learning flute, it can be learnt without prior recorder tuition.  Breath control is challenging, particularly for younger children, and some patience can be required at the start while learning to make a sound.

Required Material

  • Monica will advise students what music books they will need
  • A ringbinder, notebook, pencil and rubber
  • Students should buy a cleaning rod and cloth.

Course Entry Recommendations:

  • A year's music tuition on recorder is helpful, but not necessary. 
  • Monica will asses each student individually to determine if they will be able to handle the instrument. 
  • Minimum age limit - Usually nine years, but a younger child may also be considered.
  • Pupils must exhibit the physical capacity to handle the instrument.


  • Flutes are available for hire, with first year students having priority.
  • Please consult the Tutor before purchasing an instrument.