Most commonly heard in classic, jazz and European folk music - such as Klezmer and Balkan Music. - The clarinet has a deep woody low register and crystal clear high register.

The Clarinet makes a great starting point for kids getting into music as it is small and light enough for younger hands not to struggle too much with it’s size. Techniques learnt on the clarinet transfer very nicely to the saxophone so it is a popular option for kids that want to play saxophone but are just too small to handle one.

Lessons include: Embouchure, Sound Production, Reading Music, Theory and Playing by Ear. As we progress duets and trio pieces will be introduced.

Course Entry Recommendations

  • A year's recorder is strongly recommended
  • Minimum age nine years
  • Pupils must exhibit the physical capacity to handle the instrument (ie big hands)


  • Clarinets are available for hire, with first years students having priority.

Required Text

  • Clarinet – Essential Elements Bb Clarinet Book 1