Learning an instrument requires regular practice.  When you enrol in a class you are committing to regular practice. 10 minutes a day is better than one long practise a week. This allows muscle memory to develop. A student who does not practice will hinder the progress of the class and is likely to lose interest. The Centre will discuss options with the student or parents/caregivers but reserves the right to shift or withdraw a student who is not practising.

To keep a place in the class, students must attend regularly.   Students absent for more than 3 lessons without written or verbal notification will be removed from the roll.

The classes are organised by age and skill level of the students.

If a tutor is absent without prior notice, every attempt will be made to get a reliever or reschedule the class. However, in unforeseen circumstances, classes may be cancelled at short notice.

Check the website for the material or instruments required for your classes. These will need to be obtained before lessons start.