FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I am going to be away?

Please phone your tutor as soon as possible.

Are there any more spaces in classes?

Check with the Centre Manager or the class tutor. New students will need to fit well with the level of the established class or they may become discouraged.

Can I bring other children with me to lessons?

Yes, but please respect our learning by bringing quiet activities for them to do outside of the teaching room.

I don’t like my lesson time, can you change it?

Only if there is a similar class being taught. We are unable to change lesson times. Your teacher has especially arranged class times, and it is very difficult to rearrange things.

I have sport at the same time as my lesson, can I change my lesson time?

Very unlikely, sorry. The Kapiti Music Centre is a year long commitment. Your tutor has especially arranged class times, and is unable to rearrange their timetable for you. But do talk to us, we may be able to find a solution that works for you.

Where can I park?

In the school grounds.

I am a volunteer what does this mean?

Please talk to the Centre Manager. All help is gratefully received.