Term 2 2023 Newsletter

Hello everyone.

Term dates:

A reminder that the KMC annual contributions cover 30 lessons per year.

Term 1 has 6.
Term 2 – 9
Term 3 – 9
Term 4 – 6

Term 2 starts back Monday 24th April, even though many schools are choosing to have a Teachers Only Day. Tuesday 25th is ANZAC so there will be no lessons for those who have Tuesday classes. This will be made up on Tuesday 27th June, at the end of the term.

Monday 5th June is the Kings Birthday so no lessons. This will be made up on Monday 26th June.

Term 2 ends Friday 23rd June except for the above-mentioned makeup lessons.


The general behavior of the students arriving and leaving Te Raukura has been very well behaved and done with respect for the magnificent building we are lucky to teach from. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

KMC Concerts

Some of our KMC students will be invited to join the Kapiti Youth Orchestra for a local concert in September (Date TBC). The KMC was fortunate to participate in this concert last year and it was a great success.
Your tutor will let you know if you will be involved in this concert.

A lot of the KMC students go on to join the KYO and the two organisations share a great musical friendship therefore we decided the two should join forces and show our budding musicians what their potential next step could be.

Saturday 25th November 2023

This is our big Concert Day at Te Raukura ki Kapiti where all the students get to perform. Times to be confirmed but please mark the date on your calendars.

New tutor:

The KMC would like to introduce Amelia Fitton who is covering for Chris Peirce who has gone to the USA for a couple of terms. Amelia is an accomplished clarinet player and is committed to music in our community. Welcome Amelia and thank you for stepping in and supporting our students learning the clarinet and saxophone.

Thank you and remember to encourage your children to keep practicing. Little and often is the best method but also to enjoy this gift of learning and playing music.

Warm regards

Amanda Kemp