Fernando Andres Figueroa Pereira

Fernando's love for music has been present since he was a small child and he spent much of his early years experimenting with rhythm and playing different instruments. His passion for music became more structured when he began formal lessons on the traditional Chilean flute, a unique instrument of his native land, at the age of ten years. This expanded from traditional  into diverse folk, latin rhythm, and popular music. He later attended a music conservatory at university in Valparaiso, Chile, where he studied clarinet which led to a passion for Jazz, Swing, and Performance. After completing five years there, he began work as a professional musician with the Chilean Military Orchestra, specialising in clarinet, saxophone and guitar. His interest to learn more led him to go and study at the university of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where he completed a Masters in music education. During this time Fernando did an international exchange to study Latin rhythms and instruments in Cuba and Brazil. Throughout his studies, he taught both privately and in schools and once he completed his studies, he established his own music school in Spain.

In 2012 and 2013 Fernando was honoured with Spain's top award for musical performance and interpretation.

Since he was a teenager, he has played in different bands and toured through much of Europe and South America, some of the bands include:

  • Big Band Army of Chile
  • Orquesta Andina of the Valparaisa Catholic University (South America)
  • Ensemble Transatlantico del Folk Chileno (Europe, Chile)
  • Pascuala Illabaca y Fauna (Europe,Chile)
  • Luis Emilio Batallan (Spain), Tato Lopez (Spain)
  • Paraiso Caribe (Spain, Chile)
  • Orquesta D' Noche (Spain)
  • Garage Latino (New Zealand)

Now newly settled in New Zealand with his wife and new baby, he is particularly excited about sharing his passion for music with children and bringing an exploration of international rhythms and styles to the lovely people of the Kāpiti Coast.