Caz Bartholomew

As a kid growing up, Caz was sent along to the Tawa Music Centre along with her siblings. There she played violin and piano. In her mid-teens she realised guitar was pretty cool at parties, so she got some private lessons from Andy Mauafua.

When she was 18, she started her PE degree in Dunedin. While studying there, one of her brothers gave her his treasured bass guitar, which she has been writing music on.

Caz has taught guitar and ukulele privately while living in Waikanae, and is now based in Raumati and happily teaching ukulele and beginners keyboard at the Kapiti Music Centre.

Her musical influences include albums from her brother's CD collection growing up, such as all the catalogues by Sting and the Police, Split Enz, Australian Crawl - and more locally she has learned much from watching Andrew London perform.