Sherelyn Langerveld

Sherelyn has been playing and learning music since the age of 5 and has had experience playing with
various groups and playing different genres ranging from classical to jazz over the years including
playing at different venues with the Scots College Jazz Band which she formed and conducted for 15

Sherelyn has 20 years of teaching experience starting at the Upper Hutt Music Centre and later onto
Scots College where her main focus of playing and teaching aligned with running a successful Jazz
programme and playing alongside her students at different events around Wellington and playing in
the Wellington Jazz Festival several times over the years. Also Sherelyn’s students have had the
opportunity to sit formal exams of which she has a 100% success rate right up to Grade 8 with the
Trinity Guild College of London and NCEA Level 3 in Music.

Sherelyn is first and foremost a teacher of music then a musician. Classically trained by various
teachers but most significantly June Byng (NZ Symphony Orchestra). Later on Sherelyn was
introduced to jazz by Lance Philip and received tutorship from him and Colin Hemingsen, attending
“improvisation for non-jazz players” at NZ School of Music. Further mentoring came from the great
and generous teachers at the NZ School of Music.

Inspiration and favourite musicians are Branford Marsalis, Grover Washington Jnr, Sonny Rollins,
Nathan Haines, Sting, Mary Black, Sarah McLauchlan, Trinity Roots and many many more across
every genre. I love movie music a lot.

I am a diverse musician/teacher with a passion for music across the genres, all worthy of exploration
and enjoyment. My biggest musical achievement has been the success of the Scots College Jazz Band
and this is because of the pride and joy it brought to myself personally to be able to teach and
inspire young people to play. To watch them discover music and to watch them grow and develop
within a band and the satisfaction it brings when growth and success become of bi product of that